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law, which first defined African Americans as less than human, eventually declared discrimination illegal, and remains both an expression and an instrument of change at the intersection of race and equality.

YARN, the Young Adult Review Network is thrilled to be celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. So, for instance, I am an early bird, so I reserve very early morning for my own writing. But later in the day, I find I still want to be in the writing world, and so editing, or reading submissions, is perfect for nighttime. Kerri: (Hehe, YARN work is like knitting.) Kip: Yes! It’s really nice, actually, to read submissions in between tending to kids. Kerri: It’s funny, because when YARN launched, it was at the height of the craze, but we actually didn’t see many paranormal subs.

When it launched in January of 2010, it was the first independent online literary journal of short-form YA to publish short stories, essays, and poetry by writers of any age and stature. Kerri: Do you physically block out times for specific tasks on your calendar, so that, if you look at your calendar, you’ll know what you’re doing that hour? Kerri: I do much YARN work in one-hour blocks during the afternoon; I lug my laptop with me . I do something similar (except it’s flamenco for my girls). Though we did get a few, and one of my fave stories that we published during that time was called “Swamp Monster Bonanza.” Diana: And another trend I see in our submissions is friends (male/female or same-sex friends) figuring out if there is something more.

Learn about the experience of African Americans through the lens of the U. Is race a factor for you in dating, marriage, adoption?

Can race be used as a factor in hiring, in college admissions?