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'They are schoolchildren,' she says.'It is difficult to find a how do you say, a Mr Right? As if finding a boyfriend wasn't hard enough, a festering sectarianism has made Syria's different religions and ethnicities more loathe to marry outside their own kind.

Left behind: Children hold up letters spelling the word 'Peace' during a day of activities and prayers at the Zaitoune historic church in old Damascus.

James Harkin found the number of men in Damascus was reduced because of the war'The first two years we were in paradise,' she remembers.

Then came the conflict and the pair ended up spending all of their time watching the grainy horrors of the war on You Tube or the evening news. The humiliating absence of gainful employment for young men kicking their heels around Syria's big cities was one of the key reasons the revolt broke out five years ago.

But now the family live in a single mouldy room in Amman, their dreams dashed.

Luckily neither of the girls is pregnant."There's just regret, regret about what happened," says Nawar.

Their father was asked at a local mosque whether he had any daughters.

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If the woman is both Arabic and Muslim you have your work cut out for you if you are not a believer.Early marriage is not out of the ordinary in their culture.Even though the legal age is seventeen, the courts can allow for girls as young as thirteen to be married.Syrian women are legally allowed to participate in everyday life, although they are not guaranteed a spot in being part of political, social, cultural and economic categories.The legal marriage for females in Syria is seventeen years old and eighteen for males.One of the most common mistakes that we make today is in assuming that people from one part of the world all embrace the same religion or philosophies.Therefore, when seeking advice on dating Arab women it would be best to understand that you are probably thinking that woman is Muslim. There is a broad difference between the two even though they have many points of intersection.Understanding the Arab Culture Even though being Arabic and being Muslim are not one and the same, there is a great deal of overlap in their views on marriage and dating.Bear in mind that there are roughly one and a half billion believers in the Muslim faith while there actual Arabs can only be numbered in the hundreds of millions.If a woman is a native of one of the Arab states you can bet she will have been sheltered while growing up.Modesty is of prime importance to Arabs and segregation is vital.