Face to face naughty chats

Parents should always use online Santa chats to be sure the content is in line with family values before letting kids online!

Most of these sites are done using “bots” or automated chatting scripts.

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Because these successful entertainers (they have more than 565 million total views on their You Tube channel) stick to their standards and live the gospel.

They use the talents Heavenly Father gave them to make others happy. MDT to hear about what they do and how they have found success while staying true to their testimonies of the gospel. I’m looking forward to sharing all of that during Face to Face and relating to the challenges that our youth face today in any way that might help them in this critical time in life.” Youth can post questions here or on social media using #LDSface2face anytime before or during the event.

“People often associate with being funny, but it’s much more than that for me,” said Whitney Call, one of the cast members. Then, watch the interactive event on the activity page or on the LDS Youth You Tube channel.

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