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Offering guests some of the finest German cuisine in the Northern NJ area, Black Forest Inn has made its mark on Stanhope as one of the best restaurants.They provide their guests with a comfortable, yet classy, environment where people can come out relax and enjoy a meal that was prepared by someone else.

Additionally, the Northern NJ German restaurant, Black Forest Inn, offers a number of specials, holiday menus and has a great selection of beer and wine.

People in Seattle seem to think roofs are only there to keep the rain off them...

not for frivolous things like “getting a drink on” or “enjoying the weather atop of." Luckily though, there are a handful of establishments willing to brave the elements to give you a place to drink in views of the city while, well, drinking.

The trick to appreciating the ‘La Ville Basse’ as Carcassonne is sometimes called is to see it as a jumping-off point to more interesting sights just outside the city walls.

The castle just over the river, La Cité, is the most obvious example.