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I use exclusively click-and-send for my parcels at present I note that e Bay has recently introduced a tracking thing that if you click on a tracking number it displays a bar that goes from -------accepted------------in transit-------------delivered----- Now it has a disclaimer down the bottom which says about a possible delay...but I've been checking all of them and no data exists at all, even for ones I know have been delivered... Wish e Bay would test their new features BEFORE they implemented them.. I'll post an update as soon as I receive an update from the team. The numbers that are being updated back to your store are a "receipt number" that USPS provides to us when a service that does not include tracking is purchased.We have been investigating the requirements of Amazon and e Bay for this tracking information.This situation arises doubt in the buyers mind and sellers get worried.But instead of getting upset with each other or distrusting here is the simple solution for it- Call 1800-ASK-USPS.It can cause a seller a whole lot of grief quickly. When I was newbie, ebay CSRs made me believe that I am at fault all the time, until one day, I start reading other sellers' stories on discussion board. Now I think maybe sellers post a number and when they get good and ready-will ship then. Like 10 day delivery - Priority Mail to go roughly 60 miles away. @FREDDY One of my package, medium size Priority Box, worth over 0 was going with 10 miles from where I dropped it off. USPS blamed me for the lost since I have not adding insurance. In some post office, they start rejecting Scan Form.

For USPS domestic First Class Large Envelope/Flat shipments, Shipping Easy will no longer send the “tracking number” to Amazon, e Bay, or Shopify.I've escalated a ticket with our developers to look into this.It sounds like we might have a bug that needs to be fixed.To recap, this was changed because the “tracking number” provided by Endicia on domestic First Class Large Envelope/Flat shipments is not really a valid tracking number (as you mentioned) - it is just a purchase transaction number.USPS does not provide tracking on domestic First Class Large Envelope/Flat shipments.Note that if you have one set up that you create and manifest to a carrier you will have to create a new one so the consignments you create do not get added to your normal carrier.In this example we have created one called e Bay Tracking - Star Track so that way if you already use Star Track as a carrier option you can continue using it for those consignments but you can apply tracking to this service for ones that say are sent by a drop shipper through Star Track. Your consignment has been saved and added to a generic manifest.As it is a generic carrier the manifest will not be submitted to anyone but rather locked down in our system so a new one will then be used for subsequent tracking numbers.To make sure your tracking links are displayed correctly on customers e Bay accounts the third party name of your service and rate needs to match one of the following service codes.Today, for example, I received from (redacted) (with about 170,000 feeedback) a power adapter with USPS tracking number (redacted) which correctly shows on USPS website as "out for delivery"On e Bay's page, though, it shows that the tracking number was supposed to be (redacted), which shows up as nonexistent. If you don't use e Bay shipping to generate the tracking #, there could be a problem in populating the tracking# if done manually.I'm not sure if this is an EKG mentionable, or "Letter to the Editor" or just fluky, but to happen twice in one week from different vendors is strange. The other question to ask is if the tracking# was generated by 3rd party APIs such as @ED - factious as usual. I always thought tracking numbers were issued when you shipped - printed label and the item actually shipped or will that day.