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If there's doubt in your mind, there is probably a disconnect larger than you can imagine. Online Dating Truth #4: Women get propositioned about 10-to-1 over men. Ryan Seacrest wouldn't really get that many propositions because women would fear his good looks like the plague.

The opportunity to meet a complete stranger that can alter your life for the better within just a few mouse clicks is our pride and joy.

Online Dating Myth #2: A cute profile pic = a cute date. I'm amazed sometimes, even in a person's range of photos how they mix in the youthful babe shots with the "here's what I look like today at 45," but they forget to tell you which is which. But from the lack of compassion in online dating you'd never know.

Online Dating Truth #3: Cute dudes are not always assholes, cute girls are not always stuck up princesses.

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Two of them are still close friends and Facebook cheerleaders. Some want to lure you off to a pay-per-view site where they can show you the "real pics." And "Don't worry," these porn saleswomen say, "Registration is free." Oh, and look for the cutie who is 10-15 years younger than you, within 500 miles and has an age range between 35-75.If you would like to find out more about the work they do and the support they can offer, please click here Family Lives would like to keep you up to date with details of news, events and fundraising activities using the contact details you have supplied.To receive this information by email, please click confirm.When conflict causes the split, parents need to avoid what Rhoades calls the “parentified child” — when the young adult becomes a parent’s caretaker, especially emotionally.Rhoades often finds that adult children encourage parents to rely on them, which is a difficult and inappropriate role.With the increase in “gray divorces,” more studies are considering the impact on children over 18.Support groups and media even have an acronym for adult children of divorce (ACOD), and a recent movie with this acronym as its title — a comedy, no less — addresses the topic.So there are good people trying online dating, you just have to uncover the right one for you. They are trolls or sales folks trying to game the system for financial gain. If you get the feeling something isn't quite right when looking at their profile, just pass on the person.Online Dating Truth #3: If you recognize a disconnect in their profile, or in something they message you, and you have doubts about their authenticity, run. Online Dating Myth #4: Their profile is close enough, maybe not perfect, but what the heck... Like the woman who confessed within the first 30 minutes of a hello date, "I'm not actually divorced yet. Why waste your time and your money chit-chatting with someone who's not really interested in a relationship.There are many organisations out there that have online communities where you can find other adults who might be local to you, and also going through a divorce or separation.Some organisations even have local support groups although it might mean that you have to do a bit of research yourself to find these.