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And still the divorce rate goes higher and higher," says psychologist Gilda Carle, Ph D, associate professor at Mercy College and author of . If you've already figured that part out yourself, take heart.

Psychologists say the key to getting off the dating merry-go-round often requires nothing more than taking time to get to know yourself before you try to get to know someone else.

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" Where do your eyes go when you read articles on the Web? Well, we've got some answers for you, because this topic has been studied. Then the upper left corner of the screen gets special attention, probably because that's where people expect to find the very best stuff.

Turns out that the upper left quarter of the screen gets the most attention, according to the Eyetrack III research of The Poynter Institute, the Estlow Center for Journalism & New Media, and Eyetools. And the right-hand and lower part of the page almost always gets less attention.

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Although one day those out to have a good time may want to settle down, you’ll be playing a risky game if you feel you’re the one to change them or wait for them to change their ways, as this is unlikely to happen any time soon.You normally have an idea whether you’re looking for something long term or short term.Before you start meeting people it helps if you have an indication of what it is you’re looking for.This is info that site developers must know: when you put your most important, vital content outside that critical upper left corner (did you notice the Ads I put there?), that important content might as well be invisible when people are making the big decision: whether to stay on your site and read more or go somewhere else. But scanning has a purpose: it quickly identifies to a user what they really want to read. The primary goal of our free dating services is to create a community of people not only searching for dating and romance, but also to make friends, find online buddies, penpals or just a chit-chat with other folks online.The entire site is currently available in English and Spanish, including all singles profiles. Not only there is no joining fee, but the further use of this site is absolutely free as well.The good news is that if you can hook them right off the bat, when they start actually reading a news story on the Web, they read a larger proportion than if they were reading that very same story in the newspaper.Google has put together a page containing useful placement tips: https://We don't just kick them out AFTER they tried to scam somebody. We simply don't allow scammers to register and contact other singles in the first place.We have our own ways to tell who is a scammer from "inside", this is our know-how.