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For dating pre-Valco acoustic instruments, see this page.The Supro Triple Tone (often called the Tri-Tone) only appeared for one year in the Supro catalogs, 1959. RIght away when I hear 1959 I think of the Gibson Les Paul. In fact, I often find myself associating years with guitars.Like when I hear someone say 1965, I’m already thinking “oh, the year CBS bought Fender.” Do you do that?However, some of these plates and many of these stickers have disappeared over time.Often the speaker codes or potentiometer codes can help, assuming that these parts are original and legible.Supro was basically the “budget” brand of the National Dobro, and later, the Valco company, best known for National and Dobro brand instruments, and to a lesser degree, the Supros.National Dobro/Valco was, of course, one of the major players in American guitar history in the middle of the 20th Century.Anyway, like I was saying these Triple Tones were probably only made for one, or two years max.A one year production run already makes these guitars rather rare, but if you can’t manage to find one of these, the more popular Supro Dual-Tone guitars will get you a similar vibe.While National resonator guitars have received superb attention by Bob Brozman, little has been written about this mysterious corner of the Valco universe.Well, with a little help from our friends (in particular, catalogs and invaluable information supplied by Mike Newton, Jim Dulfer, and Michael Lee Allen), let’s set the record straight.