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I’m thinking about creating an online dating site just for adults with ADHD. Again, some of these questions were inspired by POF and e Harmony, but I’ll be adding a few of my own, too. ) I especially like to play loud, sexually suggestive rock music on my bass guitar. Past passions include mixing and applying my own mehndi, horseback riding, playing djembe, and taking long walks on the beach holding hands. The therapist can help you work through issues that normally trip you up. Dating can add a new depth to your life, but it can also add stress and upset if not handled correctly.You receive objective feedback on how you respond and interact in conversations that you probably wouldn't get from a date. It is important to tell your date that you have ADD or ADHD before symptoms, such as chronic lateness, land you in hot water; or before your date misinterprets inattentive behavior. Okay, I can live without alcohol, but only if I get to play rock music a lot or sit around all day reading a book. Let’s just say, I might get along with your teenagers better than I get along with you. New squeeze, ignore that last comment.)Alcohol, books, and intense conversations with friends. I also can’t live without a healthy diet of organic, home-cooked food, and lots of exercise outdoors. When you have attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dating can be a difficult and awkward process.You might chronically forget plans you've made, arrive late, or get distracted during conversations.However, there are ways to work around problems that arise when dating with ADD.People receiving treatment for ADD may be better equipped at handling dating situations.The right medication may boost the self-control and concentration you need to interact effectively.You might also consider therapy sessions with a mental health professional.