Dating men no confidence

Rejection – though we don’t want to think about it consciously, is another reminder that we may not pass on our genes. And it’s another reminder that we might not get to experience that thing that we all want: LOVE.This is why confidence is crucial to your happiness and security in a relationship.

To lose it feels like you might as well die, at times.We may be too shy to make an approach, we may be too shy to make a first move or even later, to initiate a kiss, or to respond.Once again, let me stress that this is pretty common in the dating game and leads to many miscommunications, bad signals and stress that we really wish to avoid.And I don’t believe you deserve to feel NOT confident, so I’m going to give you tips to build the confidence you need to have with a man. In some ways, the world reflects back to us what we are feeling.Sometimes when we are shy it is simply easier to avoid dating and say no to someone.It is easier to not approach the person we like and make excuses.In dating, this becomes an acute issue due to having to put ourselves well outside our comfort zone.We wish to retreat into our shell and protect ourselves rather than take on the 'dangers' of opening up to a stranger.When you see someone you like at the bar you clearly want to introduce yourself but hope they make the first move.In your career, you have so much more control, and with friends, if something doesn’t go right – you will eventually find more friends.