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"The presence of a paternal grandmother in all seven of the populations had a harmful effect on grandsons because her presence was linked with an increase in mortality," Ms Fox said.

"Meanwhile, in six out of seven populations, the paternal grandmother's presence in her granddaughter's early life had a beneficial effect in terms of the risk of mortality.

Her bedroom is my favourite: newspapers dating back to the War covering every present she’s ever got since the War. I spend hours unwrapping and wrapping endless tablecloths, napkins, perfume, bath salts, stories of things I can’t understand, words like conscientious objector. What does she want with anything modern, a shiny new pin? Chewing for ages over the front page, her toffees sticking to her false teeth. Till finally she gets to like the hot running water in her own bathroom, the wall-to-wall foam-backed carpet, the parcels locked in her air-raid shelter.

The newsagents next door which sells hazelnut toffees and her Daily Record. She makes endless pots of vegetable soup, a bit bit of hoch floating inside like a fish. She still walks faster, rushing me down the High Street till we get to her cleaning house. Finally bored I start to pick some notes, oh can you wash a sailor’s shirt oh can you wash and clean till my gran comes running, duster in hand. The woman comes too; the posh one all smiles that make goosepimples run up my arms.

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