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Long hair is romantic, while short hair's got spunk, but you can enjoy the best of both worlds with a mid-length 'do.

Even better news: Shoulder-skimming strands don't require much maintenance.

Med abonnement kan du lade inntil 15 ganger for 199 kroner i måneden.Not only does it act as a medium in which children learn new things but they are exposed to the real world where they interact with their peers and learn many things through experience which nothing else can provide.The primary reason for schools to exist in the world is to impart knowledge to the students studying in it and assessing the students forms an integral part of the functioning of the school which is usually carried out in two ways. For å gjøre det litt lettere har superlæreren Håvard Tjora hjulpet oss med noen filmer som svarer på de vanligste spørsmålene om hvor strømmen kommer fra, hvordan prisen bestemmes, hvordan den fraktes hjem til deg, og hvordan du kan spare penger på å spare strøm.Bor du i Rogaland kan du trygt velge en «klimabil».Marianne boards the Eurostar (left) before heading to the nearest pharmacy upon her arrival in Paris.Even the humblest of French chemists are a treasure trove for the beauty bargain hunting Brit (right)But I don’t — instead I pick up a bottle of golden, shimmering body oil in a heavy glass bottle.The fact that a student scoring 100 out of 100 without any mistakes and a student who scored 90 out of 100 with several mistakes to be grouped together actually de-motivates the student studying well.Also the spirit of competition has reduced as the student studying moderately would not try that hard to understand everything as he knows very well that he has a scope to make a few mistakes and still get a decent grades.Jeg har lige læst bogen ”What is mine is yours – the rise of collaborativ consumption” af Raschel Bosman.Bogen belyser sociale forbrugstendenser, som udover i sociale medier, også udvikler sig i fysiske miljøer.