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If you are the kind of person that likes to dive head first in to a book about love and dating, then there is no better place to start than with this top ten list.Any book by Barbara De Angelis is a good place to start; she is often regarded as one of the founding mothers of relationship self-help literature.This international best seller by Helen Fisher takes things from a slightly different, more scientific approach than many other love advice books.Fisher writes about there being four love types, and she explains how they click with one another and how they differ."So lies are perpetuated to get our women to listen to us.""I really don't think any of us want to know the 100 percent truth about our significant others," said the married man."Do you really want to know which coworker your man has a meaningless crush on?He cancels plans, he goes MIA for days at a time, he acts distant.

When you find a date on there, you know what you’re getting.

Now while you might start getting really excited by this prospect, this particular guy has probably gotten freaked out.

At this point, he’s afraid that everything he said in the beginning has led you to believe that you guys are a couple and he starts acting in a way that shows you this is not the case.

is the work of eight guy friends, of all different relationships statuses—single, married, divorced.

They claim to have polled 300 men on relationship practices and say their book holds answers to some of women's most commonly asked questions about men—questions like: Why do men cheat?