Countess luann dating a jew

Lu Ann takes the bait, so Bethenny starts in on the Skinnygirl stuff again (Luann apparently told people she was going to "take her down" for not including her in the business), and then transitions seamlessly into Lu Ann "stealing" Ramona's man.

Lu Ann claims Ramona only went on one date with Tom, but when she turns to Ms.

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And there’s the venom Frankel’s been hurling towards rookie housewife Jules Wainstein, criticizing her for the way she’s publicly handled her eating disorder—this from a woman who runs a brand called “Skinnygirl” and has written openly and proudly about her habit of only eating, like, three shrimps for lunch—and claiming she heard Jules only came on the show to get divorced.

Although Jaime played off she was Jewish, but is really a practicing Christian. They see a homeless guy asking for money and Dorinda says to give him a dollar. If Dorinda is happy that is all that matters, but is she is so embarrassed by him, why have him film with her at all? She it talking and talking and Carole is completely zoned out, as we all are. For the love of God, Bravo can’t find a cool Jewish chick? Bethenny is painting Dorinda as an alcoholics, and Dorinda isn’t digging it.

John opens a wad of cash and gives him 5, which is lovely, but Dorinda’s reaction is odd. Dorinda’s daughter Hannah is getting ready to move out of her mother’s apartment and John is hoping to move in. Dorinda is at lunch with John, and Bethenny is on a date with a guy named Jon, who looks like the love child of Lance Bass and Jason Hoppy. The ignorance is remarkable and I think Dorinda should be ashamed of herself. Then she says Michael only married her because she is the least Jewish looking woman he could find. Bethenny moves on from Dorinda and John to start talking shit about the new girl to Dorinda.

Never tell a fib, because it can snowball out of control. 'The pinot grigio loving star was referring to a telephone conversation in which Lu Anne was heard saying: 'Can you do a favor for me, a big favor? You know, the one that looks a bit like Johnny Depp?

But Sonja horrified Luann as she loudly confessed in front of their friends at dinner to just how long-running their affair really was - after also being reminded that both women had also had sex with another man, Harry Dubin, who was also married to former cast member Aviva.