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Once apps update to support all the new stuff, i OS 10 will make a big difference to how people use the i Phone whether that’s through rich notifications or via Siri voice queries.I think the removal of Slide to Unlock will be jarring to a lot of people, especially those without the latest hardware and cannot benefit from Raise to Wake.Apple has really shaken up a lot of the core apps with i OS 10 as well as drastic changes to the Lock Screen.All of the redesigns are changes for the better; the new Music app is very good and far simpler to understand with flattened navigation.[Verse 1: Abra Cadabra] Let me get this straight Bare chat on the tweet when the G's bucked you, you was holding chase Man got mashup, things on things all over the place Now you wanna chat off your mouth on Peri When your shoe was all over the place, huh Man best pick up, pick up that shoe Tell my man, "Pick up, pick up that card" When the mandem hit up, hit up that food Them man wan hitch up, hitch up pon sha Kwasia sem who you talking to? Man scream, "Sho" when I'm walking through 17K and your boring who? Man pull up, hop out and dump 2 quick, man ah fly OT We don't run from these fuckboys Blud, I'll slap man on ITV You don't want it with a nigga like me You go run when you see me We ain't letting it bang So why the fuck did you leave your like mikes? Lickle man just stick to the rap ting, darg You don't wanna get skyed When your boy lands road, I'll be waiting for him at the door I heard shh-shh hit him up in the jail house Had him on all four s Ah, they talking the shit like they pressure I swear on my life I'm fed up One of these yutes haffi deadup Man trek to the op block get bitcoin for my deets, juvies Man just chat about cream, bare Ounto and cake on my scene Big ting go boom, bye bye if I spot anyone of them neeks Man don't scream, man don't speak Hit him with a tum-tum make a man lean Make a man lean, make a man lean then bop Can't tell me about on tops I been upsuh, me Kush and [? Man left his i Phone 5 So how the fuck you gonna write your lies?i OS 10 is available now for i Phone, i Pad and i Pod touch.

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Discord didn’t start, like Reddit and Twitter, with any grand ideals about freedom of expression; it was built from the ground up as a tool for facilitating chat between cooperative gamers.“We’re very focused on making an amazing communication product for gamers,” Discord CEO Jason Citron told Buzz Feed News.

“I had a hunch that it would be used outside of gaming, but it wasn’t anything we thought specifically about.”But a quick look at popular Discord servers shows that discussions on the service have trickled down from purely gaming into gaming-adjacent interests like anime, marijuana, porn, and rare Pepes.