Bsd updating ports collection post world war 2 dating

For that, there is very useful ports collection that simplifies compilation process.

In this article we will install and use ports collection to update the Freebsd 11.0 system.

much conflict with PC-BSD's own package-installation and package-repository (ie. Or building and installing a package from the port-collection, and then adding a package that depend on the first one with PC-BSD's GUI package-manager...) And finally I can install it? Yes, for PC-BSD you can install programs using the Appcafe, packages or ports. I exclusively use packages (or ports) and avoid the Appcafe at all costs.

building and installing some packages from the port-collection, then removing it with PC-BSD's GUI package-manager...

With so many ports it can be hard to find the one you are looking for.

The easiest way to find a port is to use the ports directory on the Free BSD website.

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/bin/sh # # Search for ports that contain a "work" subdirectory, # then go into that port directory and perform a # make clean for i in `find /usr/ports -name work -type d` do cd `echo "$i" | sed 's/\/[^\/]*$/\//'` make clean done This will clean up the whole ports tree, but it will take a loooong time to finish.

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It can be found under /usr/ports and contains the Makefiles for a vast amount of software.

To search locally on your machine you can use the locate command if you know a word in the name of the package - This is the main file that tells where the files for the port are located and the options to build with.

If you wish to install the port with certain options it is a good idea to look through this file and see what is available.

An option exists in the port to revert to GTK2 if desired.

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