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Worst of all, children are now being labeled “transgendered” and traipsed around as props by gay activists if they decide to “identify” as the opposite gender when they’re still in pull ups.Bruce has been a Lutheran, but now expresses extreme distaste for organized religions and has said things that imply a sort of pantheism.But God is also this snow, and God is also the little buds that come out on the trees, little babies that get born. The truth is, he’s got his own views, some of which would be considered conservative, some of which would be considered liberal.

and gave the date of the actors' separation as January, the month of their 16th anniversary.

Both harbor harmful, destructive, and inaccurate perceptions about themselves, and both need help changing their perceptions, not their bodies.

These people saluting Jenner for trying to become a woman are really no different than lunatics congratulating an emaciated anorexic for imagining she’s 300 pounds overweight.

Bullz-Eye: So let’s talk “Cedar Cove.” You’re Bob Beldon, I understand. If I had monogrammed towels, I wouldn’t even have to switch ‘em out! Were you looking for a gig, or did it come looking for you? And, y’know, it’d better be pretty abhorrent to you to turn an offer down. It’s a simple story, but they’re realistic stories that happened every day in America.

If you’re working with a bunch of buttheads, it makes it rough, you know what I’m saying?