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The Symantec Brightmail solution consists of the Brightmail Anti Spam software along with realtime anti-spam and anti-virus rule updates downloaded to email servers.An organization deploys the Symantec Brightmail software at its site.

[Suspected Spam] IMT has added a second filter that works by scanning all incoming email messages that are not marked as [Spam] before they reach APU inboxes and tagging the message subject with [Suspected Spam] if it meets specific criteria defined by IMT.

The Brightmail Logistics and Operations Center (BLOC) evaluates newly detected spam and issues rules for ISPs.

The third approach is the Spam Wall, a filtering engine that identifies and screens out spam based on the updates from the BLOC.

was a San Francisco-based technology company focused on anti-spam filtering.

Brightmail's system has a three-pronged approach to stopping spam, the Probe Network is a massive number of e-mail addresses established for the sole purpose of receiving spam.