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When a young pianist moves in to a new apartment, she discovers that the walls are so thin, she and her neighbour can hear everything the other does.A battle ensues on both sides of the wall, each party trying to annoy the other into silence.Certain especially disastrous pairings were described as "Dates From Hell," and the show frequently concluded with excerpts from the show's "Hall of Shame" (embarrassing moments), "Cutting Room Floor" (footage that was comic but not deemed integral to a date's narrative), and "Hot Zone" (extremely sexy footage from successful dates).A few times people ended up appearing multiple times throughout the course of the series, a spot reserved for famously and wildly unsuccessful daters like annoying Nicolas Cage-impersonating Johnny or shockingly angry and bitter divorcee Ward.Can retired policeman Alistair hit the right notes with violinist Maggie?Can charmer Hussein handle bricklayer Molly's banter?

The bachelorette only wins the right to choose a date herself if three families voice interest in her.Season One of Lotterywest Festival Films is nearly upon us and we are celebrating by giving you the chance to win a double pass to see every single film in Season One (valued at 1.60) at either of our fabulous outdoor cinemas!During each episode, people who did not know each other were paired up and sent off on a blind date.All of the parents seemed satisfied with Lin, until they found out she was 40 years old and had a son. “It’s just because of her age,” several families said.“I hope my daughter-in-law will give birth to two to three kids,” Zhao’s mother said, implying that Lin was too old for her son, who expressed that he was still interested.The cameras followed their every move, while commentary in the form of subtitles, animations, and "thought bubbles" was added by the show's producers. The dates were often unsuccessful, with said failures alternating between pleasant/boring times when there was no shared romantic spark and horrendous conflicts that included verbal and physical altercations, but a fair number of dates did end up going well and had the daters saying they would go out again in the future (the show would sometimes follow up and see if that actually happened; the most common result was that subsequent dates did happen but did not produce long-term relationships).The series developed a reputation for distorting reality, as contestants stated that daters who were nice people were made to look like monsters and dates where the couple got along being presented as "Dates from Hell".Not to worry though - neither was Johnny, so all good there. MOLLY (20) & EUGENE (27)Communications student Molly has been single for a year, which she describes as "a really long time - really really long". Teetotaller Eugene orders a water, much to Molly's surprise."I've never met a Scottish person who doesn't drink," she declares, perpetrating cultural stereotyping."I used to drink all the time, but I used to just get naked," explains Eugene in a whisper. He is the greatest person in the world."Unfortunately, Molly isn't overly familiar with Hardy's body of work. Interestingly, it's his age that seems to concern her more. ELAINE (58) & ANDREW (59)Elaine hasn't been on a date in 15 years. This would have been well before Tinder however - internet dating the old-fashioned way if you will."I went on 105 coffees, lunches, teas and dinners," she confides.She goes for bad boys but wants to break this habit - could "colourful Scotsman" Eugene be the man for her? "I have to tell you that there wasn't a match - so I just gave up." That makes sense - why be a glutton for punishment right?Single for two years, Nicole wants someone who is fun, fit, adventurous and likes to get outdoors - which might explain the crutches. With a full set of limbs on his date confirmed, Johnny presents Nicole with a lovely bunch of white roses. Nicole says a short beard is OK, but she'd have issues with anything longer. Come decision time, Johnny is straight up and so is Nicole - it's a (rather cute) match. He adds something about balls and a chain, but with that thick brogue I'm not really sure..."Have you got an accent?Nice touch."And I don't like red roses, so you did very well," Nicole informs him. Just a couple of minutes in, Nicole asks Johnny what his name is again - she wasn't listening when they first introduced each other. For the record, Johnny's mum and sister made him shave his "Amish-length" beard before the date. They walk off arm in arm talking about donkeys for some reason. " asks Molly, who seems a little slow on the uptake. Proudly displaying his tattoo of Tom Hardy, Eugene describes the actor as "one of my heroes. On the phone to a friend in the bathroom, Molly expresses concerns with Eugene's age and the tattoo of Tom Hardy. She wisely refrains from once more defaming the Scottish."I think girls should pay their way in this life as much as men do," says Eugene, despite the fact he didn't actually pay for anything. Eugene seems happy that he scored himself a free dinner though.