Baxter dating esther fabolous

Then it was booty-model-I-wanna-be-a-rapper Somaya Reece (even though he denies it). It all started in the wee hours of the morning when Joe released the cover of his new track "Ordinary Love Sh*t #3" with him and Esther on the cover, and the song is taking lots of digs at Esther.

He tweeted AND told The Breakfast Club this morning about their breakup (who knew they were even a couple??

We've got the latest drama going down as we speak--with accusations of Esther cheating with a football player while preggers with Joe's baby, Joe allegedly abusing Esther to the point she lost the baby, and more when you read on.... The only thing Joe Budden is good for these days is a good twitter beef saga.

First, it was him and former video chick girlfriend Tahiry who were airing each other out a while back.

“Then it got weird I got stunned from that / You took it to a place where there was no coming back / Off my last breakup I was able to stomach that / Two weeks removed and you fucking with a running back,” he raps.

Jumpoff Joey called Power 105’s The Breakfast Club earlier this morning to elaborate on what went down. She can cook a great meal, but I ain’t trying to turn a ho into a housewife,” he said. We can call her.’ I’m like chill, we good.” Now that he’s gotten the track out of his system, he hopes that listeners will take away something from it.

Chances are we could give 2 sh*ts about either of these people. Rapper Joe Budden hasn't learned his lesson about messing around with video chicks--like his most recent ex Esther Baxter.

And the video chicks haven't learned their lesson about messing with rappers who haven't had a hit since 2003.

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I would lean more to that type of show then I would do any of those other types of shows.

She said she "wouldn't do what he and Tahiry did," like playing out their messy breakup on Twitter. Joe has Tweeted a pic of positive pregnancy tests while Esther is still threatening to release pics that supposedly show "abuse and death." Whatever that means. Get off the video hoe prostitute bandwagon and get a real woman with a real career. This Ni66a's group Slaughter House was just signed by THE biggest Artist in the music industry, (EMINEM / SHADY RECORDS / Interscope) and you dumb ass mofo's talkin bout Nobody cares and he's irrelevent!! Thats why he been Trending on twitter ALL DAY, cuz nobody cares...

But she Tweet she was pregnant with her and Joe's daughter at one point--and alluded to the fact that Joe abused her and made her lose the baby. Here's Joey's crazy rant this morning on The Breakfast Club: What did dude expect dating a video hoe who's been wit several athletes and industry dudes. smmfh And while Joey cries over a bitch once again, Royce is cookin up somethin major with Em. You blowin up Derrick Ward's spot with your high school temper tantrums. It's not far fetched to believe he keeps getting involved with women who cannot make as wife.

And that’s all it took for her to decimate the rapper on Twitter.

“I mean I guess when you have no album to sell and have to resort to introducing everyone else’s work it’ll make you do some bitch made shit,” Baxter tweeted.