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During a posting to Russia in the early 1990s, Barrow returned to his official digs to find his usual cleaner had been replaced by a pouting beauty, who stepped, dripping wet, out of his shower as he arrived. ‘I didn’t expect you back this early.’ Barrow was too wily to fall for the oldest trick in the espionage book.

Preoccupied by her Brexit duties, Theresa May sent lowly Culture Minister Rob Wilson to deputise for her at a charity event at No 10.

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I’ve sat on boards where inevitably every so often the subject turns to assessing customer satisfaction.Unfortunately, the causewayed camps, most of which have been found in south and west England, are generally unspectacular to visit, and have often been appropriated for other uses by future generations, making it difficult to get a sense of their original state.The best preserved and perhaps the most important camp archaeologically, is Windmill Hill, near Avebury in Wiltshire.How on earth do you sort it all out and know what you're looking at? Here are the major prehistoric monuments you are likely to run across: Causewayed camps These are some of the oldest remains in the English landscape, dating from around 3500 B. They consist of a series of from one to four concentric rings of banks and ditches enclosing an area up to 9 hectares.The ditches are bridged by ramps of earth, or causeways, in several places, sometimes with corresponding gaps in the banks to form an obvious place of entry.However, one Labour wag suggested to Dog the effect is fractionally less chic when the PM walks. Labour MP Angela Smith’s blunt ‘just go’ plea to Jeremy Corbyn – made at a meeting of the Parliamentary Committee of senior MPs last month – may have been her last chance to tell him to quit.Corbyn is now threatening to boycott the meetings because they are all leaked word for treacherous word to… Fragrant BBC Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis interviewed French far-Right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen last week entirely ‘en français’, with voiceovers to tell humble British licence-fee payers what the hell was going on.The men were discussing their time plotting the overthrow of capitalism in Hendon’s Young Communists League in the 1970s. A British minister is in town to help develop UK relations with Russia’s hard-pressed reformers.Peter Mandelson’s desire to rid his party of Corbyn is no secret.So why was the Prince of Darkness chatting amiably to the Labour leader’s new spin doctor, Steve Howell, outside a recent MPs’ meeting?