Are andy and erin dating on the office happy one month dating quotes

The selectees: Jim, Stanley, Ryan, Erin, and new girl Cathy, who, as revealed in the episode’s tag, is shown to have a major crush on Jim, and is actively trying to break up his marriage with Pam.

It came out of the blue, and many people, myself included, were hoping for something reminiscent of the Michael Scott Paper Company arc that gave the show new life a few years back.

Andy asks Erin out on a date, but since the office is playing a game, they are both unsure if they asked or were asked by their characters or each other. When Erin says that she didn't think it was a real date, Andy says he didn't mean it.

In a talking head, Erin reveals she thought it was for real, but she thought Andy meant otherwise.

The aforementioned TERRIBLE IDEA was to open a chain of Sabre retail stores that would sell the Pyramid and other Sabre-licensed projects, all of which are seemingly designed to be inferior to Apple’s.

(He didn’t have to; they already liked him – I don’t want to think about the painful “Gettysburg” ever again.) To refresh your memory: in “Special Project,” which aired February 9, Andy tells Dwight that he needs to pick a team to go down to Tallahassee, Florida with him, to help launch a Sabre retail store.Even after Michael resigned as Regional Manager to become a salesman, Erin helped him arrange his toys on his desk, knowing that technically her job was to be Jim's assistant, not Michael's. After Kevin fails miserably as receptionist, Charles Miner hires Erin at Dunder Mifflin Scranton as the new receptionist ("Michael Scott Paper Company" Season 5 Episode 23). Initially, Dwight and Andy compete for her attention, but Dwight withdraws in acknowledgment of his new friendship with Andy.To avoid confusion with Kelly Kapoor, she goes by her middle name Erin. For the remainder of the season, Andy flirts with Erin in his awkward way. That's just sort of this label that other people generate.It's not something that feels very different while you're just walking around every day. She is the office receptionist for the Scranton branch of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, Inc., a position previously held by Pam Halpert before she quit to go work for the Michael Scott Paper Company. She is an original character, although her closest equivalent in the British version of the series would be Mel the receptionist, who appears briefly in The Office Christmas specials, as Dawn Tinsley's replacement.Although at times rather intellectually challenged, with her cheerful, silly demeanor, and childlike naïveté, Erin is usually the most consistently nice, optimistic Dunder-Mifflin employee.Erin never knew her parents and was raised in a foster home with her foster brother Reed and other foster children. Erin brings cheer and enthusiasm to her job as receptionist, unlike Pam who at the time the series started had already become jaded and bored.Erin is perhaps the only employee who enjoys Michael Scott's company, cheerfully indulging his every whim and quirk.The move to Indiana was to a trailer that Erin's mother-in-law owned.Since her shows went off the air, Erin has had problems with substance abuse and has not really worked any kind of job.