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It’s been very exciting watching all these new business opportunities unfold for the Company.We anticipate our brand to be well received and we really look forward to seeing continued progress and even exploring other new categories for potential expansion,” concluded Morris. is a licensing and brand management company with its core business rooted in the tattoo industry.These centres have now led to a vibrant research institute (ERI) with over eighty researchers carrying out both basic and applied research in topics.

James Franco entre ensuite à l'UCLA en 1996, suit des cours de théâtre, puis poursuit ses études au .AJBI also announced it will be expanding into the temporary tattoo business and the multi-billion dollar personal wipe business with an Ami James Tattoo Wipes product line for artists and consumers.”“Ami James has a vision to bring his brand to the forefront of the apparel and accessory marketplace.With the addition of designers and an established team of advisors, we will be able to complete our goal of manufacturing, distribution and retail.From apparel and fashion, to consolidating the fragmented tattoo industry, artist and entrepreneur Ami James is arguably the most recognizable face in the tattoo world.The Company is based in Miami, Florida, the home of the legendary “Miami Ink” tattoo studio, the Love Hate Social Club.Il fut marié à cinq reprises, la dernière fois avec Jordana Kidd avec qui il a deux filles.Ami James est l'un des héros principaux des émissions de télé-réalité Miami Ink et NY Ink, qui narrent les histoires des artistes-tatoueurs et de leurs clients.Professor Mc Laughlin has led key developments in the technology of sensor materials and it’s impact into the connected health industry in areas such as cardiac arrest, heart failure and ubiquitous predictive monitoring.This work has had a strong influence on the Universities commercialisation of IP relating to Connected Health companies, as well as providing the basis for a range of new biomedical sensing platforms.En 1999, il joue l'un des rôles principaux de la série Freaks and Geeks, et tourne To Serve and Protect pour la télévision, et joue avec Drew Barrymore dans Collège Attitude.Il reçoit en 2001 un Il joue ensuite le rôle de Harry Osborn, le meilleur ami du super-héros Spider-Man dans Spider-Man en 2002, Spider-Man 2 en 2004 et Spider-Man 3 en 2007.