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They formed the Last Shadow Puppets, an ambitious project that branched out of the Monkeys' garage-y sound, combining doo-wop, spaghetti-Western film music and big orchestrations courtesy of Arcade Fire's Owen Pallett."We were very aware we were making a record that we shouldn't really be making," says Turner of the Puppets' 2008 debut.It’s over two years since the Arctic Monkeys released their fifth album AM, but it might not be too long before fans can expect to hear something new from Alex Turner.The frontman’s side-project with Miles Kane, The Last Shadow Puppets, is apparently set to return for a second album.Half the time, though, they were playing table tennis." They practised for a year before playing a live show: "A lot of people have an idea of the music they wanna make and then they go make it, but we started the band to have something to do and then figured all that stuff out." Also in the summer of 2003, Turner played seven gigs in York and Liverpool as a rhythm guitarist for the funk band Judan Suki, after meeting the lead singer Jon Mc Clure on a bus. Jon is a very confident character." In August 2003, Turner recorded a demo with Judan Suki at Sheffield's 2fly Studios and asked Alan Smyth if he would produce his other band. They weren’t the tightest of bands by any stretch of the imagination, but I thought they definitely had something special going on.I told Alex off for singing in an American voice at that first session.” Smyth introduced the band to Geoff Barradale, with whom he had once played in a band called Seafruit.

The English singer-guitarist was 20 when his band Arctic Monkeys performed on and played a very hyped show at the Bowery Ballroom. It was like a fucking runaway train in those days." At the time, the Monkeys had just topped the U. charts with a debut album that became the fastest-selling LP in British history.Barradale became their manager after their third gig (at The Boardwalk) and paid for them to record four more three-song demos from late August 2003 to November 2004.Barradale drove the band around venues in the north of England to establish their reputation, handing out copies of the demo CDs after each show."This sort of idea of arrogance and sophistication. as tabloid playboys, known for dating models, dressing in flashy suits and sitting front-row at fashion shows. Miles helped me open up." Now, eight years after their first release, the Shadow Puppets are returning with which is geared more toward Seventies L. pop and what Turner calls the "shimmering" quality of Paul Weller's Style Council.We'd play places with gold ceilings and shit." The album became a cult favorite and was nominated for England's Mercury Prize. "The Monkeys used to shut everybody out," says Turner. They began work on the album when the Arctic Monkeys went on hiatus after their 2013 LP, "The other guys just had babies," says Turner.After college, Turner's parents reluctantly agreed to let him defer university for one year to pursue his musical ambitions.During this time, he worked as a barman at the Sheffield venue The Boardwalk.They also went on to tour with bands like the Coral, the Zutons, the Dead 60s and the Arctic Monkeys.The band split in 2007 prior to releasing their debut album, which remains unreleased.Aged 18, Kane joined the Little Flames as guitarist alongside Eva Petersen (Vocals), Greg Mighall (Drums), Joe Edwards (Bass) and Matt Gregory (Guitar) in December 2004.The band signed to Deltasonic and were compared to label mates the Coral and high-profile fans such as the Arctic Monkeys.