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This easy-to-use software with natural-sounding voices can read to you any text such as Microsoft Word files, webpages, PDF files, and E-mails.

Natural Reader 14 for Mac is a text-to-speech software for Mac and it uses excellent Natural Voices to convert any text into spoken words.

We intend neither to prescribe exact methods for achieving specific outcomes, nor to provide a quick fix to the challenges facing our profession.

In order to explain these matters properly, I will have to explain what Umkhonto set out to achieve; what methods it prescribed for the achievement of these objects, and why these methods were chosen.

I will also have to explain how I came, I became involved in the activities of these organisations.

To accommodate these varied influences on service delivery, it is important to take a proactive stance.

We therefore propose a philosophy of service delivery that meets the needs of people affected by aphasia and confronts the pressures from our profession, providers, and funding sources.