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[ following the former instructor's prison sentencing — and things are getting pretty catty during the transition!Related: Ruby Rose Walks Back Her Jump Into The Katy Perry-Taylor Swift Feud Responding to the 33-year-old's recent comment that the girls from the show have been "traumatized" by all of Abby Lee's drama, the outspoken TV personality told "I think it's a joke. That's ridiculous." singer has in no way slowed down.After the lunch I attend their show at the All-State Arena where they were opening for Imagine Dragons. The root of the music is the relationship between us. We are a family and we honor each other by listening and allowing each other to grow.We push each other to be better and to carry each other when we feel weak..The author found two distinct branches of the community: fluid young people of evenly mixed gender, and an older cohort of marrieds in their 30s and 40s in which women stand out as leaders and advocates. The author ruminated further about how this way of life brings more love and community, and addresses the boxed-in staleness that's the fate of most married couples.But, she says (as I recall), it has a certain superficiality that's doesn't match long-term monogamy.I caught up with the band for lunch in Wicker Park on one of their tour stops in Chicago.

When I spent some time reporting on polyamorists around Higgins’ age, they talked a lot about what it was like to be in love with multiple people.The article, by Gabriel Bukobza, was public when I read it yesterday but now it's behind a paywall.It was long rumination (called a "thumb sucker" in the newspaper biz) based on the author meeting people in Israel's poly community.This she ties to people having been deprived of secure bonds with their parents in childhood, or something. Activism Advertising Advice columns Agreements Anthropology Art Autobiographies Bisexual Books Book reviews by me Buddhist Celebrities Children College Comics Coming out Conferences Critics of poly Dating Feminism Gay GLBT Heinlein History Humor Jealousy Jewelry/Pins/Clothing Jewish Kids Leftist/Anarchist Legal Lesbian Marriage Merch Metamours Millennials Movies/plays Music Open marriage Plays Politics Poly 101 Polys of color Polygamy Radio Relationship anarchy Religion/spirituality Research Science Fiction Showtime Season 1 Showtime Season 2 Songs Spaceflight Speeches by me STDs Supreme Court: Obergefell Supreme Court: Windsor Swinging The Next Generation Theory Therapists TV The Washington Post writer who was so deeply impressed by local polyfolks last month shares some wistful musings about yesterday's season finale of "The Bachelor." That's ABC's dating-game reality show, in which a marriageable guy begins the season with a pool of two dozen women to eliminate one by one; he is expected to propose marriage to the finalist. While the show’s timeline of professing love, meeting the family and getting engaged feels more 1950s than 2010s, the concept of dating more than one person at a time and choosing between multiple options is only becoming more common, not less.He said that their way of eating made him feel better than any other diet he had tried.I was apprehensive about it because I was not one to read diet books, but it really put a plant-based diet into perspective.I doubt Higgins is a polyamorist trying to force himself into monogamy.However, his professions of love to both Lauren Bushnell and Joelle “Jo Jo” Fletcher (unheard of in “Bachelor” history) are a reminder that monogamy is becoming less and less common.During his first public appearance since recovering from his health problems, the Grammy winner talked about the music that came after his rise to fame — and let's just say he didn't have the nicest things to say.Specifically, the hitmaker noted: The sudden death of Chris Cornell rocked his fellow musicians to the core.