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It is also owned by Match, which is gearing up for an IPO.Adultery website Ashley Madison - which boasts the tagline “life is short, have an affair” was hacked around the same time it announced its Canadian IPO.The range of ideological beliefs among jihadist-inspired hackers is varied; some hacking groups embrace hard line militant Islamist imagery and messaging (such as that of al-Qa`ida), while concurrently incorporating the imagery, ethos and slogans of secular hacking collectives such as Anonymous into the informational aspects of their cyber attack campaigns.This article evaluates existing jihadist cyber attack capabilities, offers a case study on a leading pro-jihadist hacktivist, and examines the rise in interest in cyber attacks among proponents of jihadist activism generally.

This is best illustrated by the fact that these hackers have carried out few effective large-scale attacks to date.

Lulz Sec hackers took credit for an alleged compromise of Military Singles.com, a dating website for military personnel, and the leak of over 160,000 account details from its database.

The motivations for hacking the database were unclear at the time. The Inner Circle has yet to be plagued with security concerns, but it did hit an obstacle when it had to ban women from signing up - as there were too many using the service.

Hackers released the personal details of 37 million people internationally, including high profile figures.

The CEO stepped down and there has been little mention of going public since.

0xomar dating sites pastebay com